Today's most complete health information interoperability platform

Fluxmed is a set of technological solutions initially composed by the EHRRunner Health Information Interoperability Platform, and has been evolved by Core Consulting since 2016 based on the experience of its managing partners and technical team, composed of professionals specialized in health informatics and highly qualified software engineers, with national and international experience.

Developed on a 100% technological architecture in HL7 FHIR R4 for normalization and standardization of messaging and for the development and standardization of clinical information models in standard OpenEHR. Based on a modern technological architecture, 100% available in the AWS cloud – Amazon Web Service, EHRRunner provides complete APIs – Application Programming Interface that include:

  • Computational mechanisms for consenting access to information in accordance with the LGPD – General Data Protection Law, allowing complete control of the patient's interest in consenting to access the patient's health information;
  • Mechanisms for managing patient identification using the implementation of MPI - Master Patient Index, which allows the management of multiple identifiers for a person.
  • Clinical Information Repository, CDR – Clinical Data Repository with anonymized patient data;
  • Single Sign On mechanisms using standard OAuth2 authorization tokens, which allows integration with different types of identity providers;
  • Interoperability APIs with managed and secure access;

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