EHRRunner® is a healthcare information interoperability platform that innovates in the way it delivers value to its users. The platform allows those involved in health care, multidisciplinary teams in different locations and levels of care, patient users themselves, to access, share, aggregate and visualize the most relevant information from a unified and interoperable repository. In particular, the platform operates to create opportunities for connections and transform them into potential transactions. For this, it has a set of aligned and integrated components to create better experiences for users, professionals and partners in a care network, performing:

  • Qualification, contextualization and injection of data from multiple sources, typically built through an interoperability strategy of existing systems and information bases;
  • User experience enrichment, including georeferencing, natural language processing, among others.
  • Execution of complex transactions and processes in service orchestration engine.
  • Transaction decision support features including rule-based mechanisms, machine learning and artificial intelligence.
  • Management decision support capabilities, including analytical information processing

The benefits of using Fluxmed® are related to the patient's engagement in their care, promoting better coordination and continuity of health care. Based on data from their electronic health records, interoperable by EHRRunner® and properly controlled by the consent and privacy mechanisms, healthcare professionals and patients can be alerted about prescriptions, requests and exam results, thus allowing a complete digital experience between users patients and the health care network.

Fluxmed's technological development architecture provides applications that are easy to customize the visual identity of applications (Web Portal or Mobile App) by reusing already-developed software components to quickly adapt to the needs of each client.

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