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How the Fluxmed EHRRunner Interoperability Platform works

In a typical health journey of a patient in a care network, it is common for clinical records to be carried out in different information systems. These systems are most often specific to each point of health care, such as management systems for laboratory results, primary care, hospital or emergency care.
The Fluxmed EHRRunner interoperability platform enables, through the use of standardized clinical documents and HL7 FHIR R4 interfaces, the interoperability between different health information systems in a care network.

Specialized connectors and adapters are installed in the local infrastructure, where they are connected to the PEP or laboratory software database. These software components transform clinical data into standardized DCMs, and send it securely to the Platform, where in turn, it is made available in interoperable HL7 FHIR R4 resources.

Once stored on the Platform, the DCM that represent the RES can only be accessed by the patient himself or whoever he consents to. In care networks, such as that of a health plan operator, for example, it is possible to configure access consents for the entire network, providing secure access to the patients' Electronic Records, in a timely manner for continuity of care.

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