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The EHRRunner Platform is sold in the form of subscription to use for installation in the cloud or on premise. To install the Platform, a set of services that come with the subscription is required. Those executed by Core Consulting, by a specialized technical team and health informatics.

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The following specialized technical services are included in the Platform subscription

platform installation

in cloud – provision of cloud infrastructure resources by Core Consulting – In this case the Core Consulting provides the solution turn key including the AWS cloud resources – Amazon Web Services allocated in the Datacenters in Brazil. Core Consulting is an official AWS reseller, has qualified technical staff and can perform cloud computing architecture and implementation services to provide the computing resources required to operate the Platform.

in own cloud or on premise in this case, the installation is carried out with the infrastructure resources under the custody and funding of the client, according to specifications sent by Core Consulting, which performs the installation of the software components for the operationalization of the Platform.

technical support

Incident management and technical support – technical support and assisted operation services typically provided in a remote mode, with no commitment to face-to-face assistance. For that, the following are available:

Electronic service for opening and recording support requests and reporting incidents and problems;

Remote service, by videoconference or other suitable mechanism, when interaction with local technical teams is necessary;

Correction of errors identified in platform functionalities;

Monitoring of API services;

Update control of the software elements that make up the technological architecture of the Online Documentation Platform with instructions for using the APIs.

API for consent control of clinical information

Developed in accordance with the Brazilian General Law for Data Protection, the consent services are made available in the form of service APIs and allow the automation of consent configuration for specific cases. Provides healthcare network users with a set of computational consent controls, allowing these patients to provide third-party access to their electronic health records in a timely manner through the use of the Fluxmed® Web Portal and mobile App.

Through Fluxmed applications, the beneficiary patient can have transparent access to who and for what reason their RES was accessed, providing the tracking of consent transactions through an electronic document implemented in the IHE APPC standard.

Identity management, authentication and authorization

Authentication: APIs for managing user identity and authentication for use in web applications and mobile app, which can be integrated with external services such as, and also, integrating with its own authentication services, providing the facilities for single sign-on – SSO.

Authorization: has service API in OAuth 2 and JWT standard for propagating security tokens used for authorization to access managed APIs.

entitlement: services for controlling roles, groups and access rules and permissions defined for authorization of access to APIs and application functionalities

data lake for population health management

data lake (data lake): contains anonymized data, which can be correlated to the same individual, also allowing the injection of socio-determinant population data for health (SDOH). This one data lake it is populated from your own data sources or from partners integrated into your subscription. Data can be made available for specific analytical processing of interest to population health management.

semantic resources

Terminology Services API: services for managing and controlling sets of clinical and administrative terms and vocabularies used in the information structures processed by the platform. Includes resources for storing and managing systems of identifiers (identifier systems), term sets (value sets), coding systems (code systems) and mapping between similar or interchangeable terminologies (concept maps).

DCM - standardized detailed clinical documents

Subscription to the Platform provides immediate support for interoperability of four types of clinical documents: Yhospital discharge report; Clinical Care Record; Emergency registration and exam results in PDF format. For these models, the following services to prepare DCMs for use are provided:

  • Analysis of the information model - the models must be approved by the client's clinical team and then compose the platform's CDR repository.
  • Up to 15% adequacy of the DCM content (data points), for cases of discharge summary business, clinical care record and emergency care record.
  • Definition of DCM metadata – Each event registered on the platform has a minimum set of metadata defined by the IHE/HL7 FHIR MHD standard, unique to the subscription's affinity domain. These metadata must be defined to be used in the persistence and retrieval of clinical documents

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